How It Works
All for One and One for All @ RIPPR
Discover Rippr Stores Near You
Activate Check-in Option On Your Rippr App
Shop As Usual And
Ask To Be Rewarded
You Landed A Reward For Next Shopping
Getting Even More Rewards
Merchants Reward You More When Your Friends Buy Too
Invite Friends To Shop At The Same Rippr Store
They Get Their Usual Rewards For Their Next Shopping
Rippr Crowd Grows Members Get More Rewards
The Bigger The Crowd
The Bigger The Rewards
What Are Rippr Rewards
No More Point Jokes
Rippr Rewards = RRDs
RRDs = Real Money
RRDs Can Buy You Stuff
From That Store
RRDs Are Recognized
As Credit In Store
Use RRDs Even As Part
Of Your Total Purchase
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