Frequently Asked Questions
Nothing, KoreTe Utu, Nada! It is absolutely free to sign up and use RIPPR, the platform that creates Loyal Crowds around awesome merchants where each member get more bang for buck and as the old man says: To be RIPPR, it has to be FREE.
Setting a Cap per user per visit allows the Merchants to offer the credit that increases as your friends and family join the RIPPR in that Rippr campaign. More cash the crowd spends per campaign, more credit in store everyone gets. However, to join the campaign, each member has to purchase above a minimum individual spend. This is the reason why we ask for a minimum Cap per member per visit.
After you have joined the Rippr Crowd and has activated your account, to see the credit grow, share the news with all your friends using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, E-mail or any other means of communication to enlarge the campaign participation because more people buy, the faster everyone will get back 20% of their money as credit in store.
Click here to suggest a business to be featured on RIPPR. We appreciate your recommendations and will do our best to feature that business on so you, your friends and family can be members of its Crowd, join its campaigns and get more credit in store.
RIPPR team works closely with each Merchant to determine the Cap per user and the amount of Cash per milestone. In this way the RIPPR campaign benefits Users and Merchants.
Once time runs out, the campaign closes and you can no longer participate in it. Only those who have participated will receive the credit in RRDs ready for redemption. Having said that, the Merchant might open another campaign straight up however, we strongly recommend you participate once you see the campaign active.
Depending on the campaign chosen Rippr Reward Dollars will be available in your Rippr account once the campaign closes. RIPPR will inform you via e-mail about the RRDs awarded at the campaign closure.
To redeem your RRDs given to you by a Merchant, you have to check in store and inform verbally the Merchant that you are going to redeem your RRDs. At the time of payment, you will receive a push notification on your smart phone asking to approve the credit redeemed. The amount redeemed will be taken off your total bill.
We value your personal information and for more information on security and privacy read our privacy policy