Frequently Asked Questions
Firstly, just being listed on the Rippr website and Rippr App, allows you to be seen by a growing crowd of Rippr members. Rippr Crowd has over 10,000 members, and this number is rapidly increasing as more businesses jump on board. Crowd members use the Rippr app to find new places to love. Your business is displayed online in a searchable list and also on a map. This puts your business right where perspective customers are looking.
Secondly, Rippr platform motivates the customers to get to know, follow each other and participate in your campaigns as a crowd. The motivation of being part of the crowd is generated from customers’ love to follow and interact with each other and at the same time from the desireof earning more credits in store.
Thirdly, Rippr allows you to gain new customers, by extending your influence to your customers’ social networks. Rippr encourages your customers to share their experiences with your business on social media and ask their friends to participate in your campaigns because only if your sales increase, everyone gets more rewards. As a result, their friends are likely to be attracted into your business.
Rippr not only helps you acquire new customers, it helps you keep customers coming back. That’s why we call it ‘Crowd Loyalty Made Easy’
It’s easy, because Ripprawards your customers with credit in your store, when they spend. Once they have started earning credits in your store, they are more likely to come back and spend more, because they are rewarded for spend. It creates an incentive for customers to come back to you, rather than your competitors.
Rippr helps you keep customers coming back with smarter marketing. Rippr helps your business learn more about your customers, by giving you intelligence on your top customers and their spending habits. Use this intelligence to easily create targeted campaigns, in the form of free push notifications, from your online Rippr dashboard.
  1. You can create targeted campaigns based on Rippr intelligence to encourage your customers to keep coming back – e.g. campaigns for your biggest spenders, most frequent buyers, best customers, customers who haven’t been in for a while, customers who have purchased from you a certain number of times, and more.
  2. Create personalized campaigns to make customers feel loved – e.g. reward your favourite customers, run an automated reward for all of your customers on their birthdays, and more.
  3. Push notifications are free, making it more than cost efficient.
  4. Rippr allows you to reach your customers on the device they use the most. On average, people spend over 2.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile device. That’s over 1/3 of the time they spend sleeping. It’s got to be the best way to reach your customers. In fact, 90% of push notifications are read within three minutes
Rippr improves your bottom line by encouraging your customers to spend more. To be rewarded in a Rippr Campaign each customer has to spend above a cap amount of dollars per visit that is higher than your average customer spend. Rippr members on average spend 400% more than non Rippr members. Also, the rewards given are in relation to the total crowd spend and you reward above the minimum threshold only if the sales target are met.
You can also encourage your highest spenders to come back more often and spend more, by sending them personalised push notifications, from your dashboard.
No. Your customers can only redeem the credit given by you at your business. This means you are only rewarding your customers for shopping with you. However, the customers can swap between them the credits earned from different merchants. They can also gift the credits to their friends. This generates new customers for you as a Rippr merchant.
Yes. Sign up to our 30-day free trial, risk free, and find out if Rippr will suit your business. You can opt out at any time.