About Us
Rippr Mantra:
Transform Shopping
Rippr Mission:
Better shopping through fun and rewarding experience in crowds.
Rippr Vision:
Higher NZ dollar value for buying in crowds.
Rippr Motto:
All for One and One for All.

We at Rippr believe that in crowds our experiences amplify. They amplify even more, the more we are connected, interact and communicate within the crowd. This is our main motivator to bring crowds of loyal consumers around retailers who recognize, appreciate and reward them as a community every time they purchase. We use latest mobile technology and cloud computing to transform shopping to a socially fun and rewarding experience by helping retailers to build, retain and increase communities of loyal consumers who buy more and more often from them because they are connected with the store and interact with each other.
Rippr Team

Enis Bacova – Founder/CEO

Enis founded Rippr while he was recovering from a motorbike accident in 2010. After 7 hours brain surgery and 48 hours in coma he appreciated the ‘extra time’ given and this sparked for him the ‘extra value’ that now Rippr Merchants give to the dollars spent by Crowds as Credit in their stores. Enis has a variety of experience that is highly relevant and beneficial for Rippr. Enis was the owner of a popular Italian restaurant in the Gold Coast of Australia, and has previously worked in several top NZ restaurants as a Chef and Manager, including Prego in Ponsonby. Enis has studied abroad and in NZ, and holds a Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma in Business and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He is a turn-around business consultant to several hospitality businesses in New Zealand with great success. In his past time, he is a professional grade violinist and has learned to speak 5 languages fluently while travelling extensively.

Paresh Modi – CTO

Paresh is the staff wrangler, making sure that the product pipeline is moving forward and works to ensure that the product looks beautiful and is easy to use. He is passionate about building a sustainable company that is fun to work at. He manages the developer team, leads the technical roadmap, and develops the Rippr engine. He has 25 years of experience in management, international business, and product innovation across the high-tech and media industries. Paresh oversees all architecture and product development for the company. Paresh combines agile technology experience with a business background. He is a co-founder of Softpal a company that manages GPS tracking systems for courrier companies around the world.
Rippr Advisory Board
Rippr is a resident in The Icehouse Incubator. The Icehouse has been nominated by Forbes as one of the best ten world incubators, the only one outside USA. We are proud to have the formal support of the awesome people below:

Craig Parnham – Craig has over twenty years' experience in telecommunications and technology in Australasia and Europe. He has completed post-grad studies in driving innovation and launching new products at Harvard Business School. Currently Craig is the head of mobile at Spark NZ / Telecom NZ, responsible for management of data, messaging, roaming and voice services and delivery of new products.

Dave Wrathal – serial entrepreneur and corporate management executive for the last 25+ years. His previous roles include director of OEM for South Pacific Region at Microsoft as well as being involved with international start-up ventures such as Bully Boy, Carbon Zero and more.

Ken Erskine – Director of ICE Angels & Incubator- the largest angel investment group in the NZ and the largest source of Start-up capital to early stage NZ companies. Ken worked and gained enormous experience in Business Strategy and Marketing from leading world class companies including: Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Zenith Data Systems and IPFX. Ken is an experienced start-up investor with investment in companies that made headlines for successful exits.

Ryan Lew - Veteran of venture capital funded technology start-ups including the first P2P online payments service and the pioneer of paid search ads. He has worked for international businesses at start-up stages including, AT&T, Amazon, Yahoo! And VMware. Ryan has a great understanding of tech start-up businesses, fulfilling various roles from systems engineer to business development. Recently, Ryan has advised and consulted for Telecom NZ and was the director of strategy and innovation for Yellow pages ltd.
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Are you an awesome Customer?
Rippr is all about recognizing, appreciating and rewarding awesome loyal customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today. At the same time, we’re sick of plastic loyalty cards and reward systems that suck. So, by combing the two with crowd loyalty, we provide the most innovative loyalty platform in the world.
Are you an awesome Retailer?
We will help you to build, retain and increase your Crowd of Loyal Customers who not only recommend you to their friends and families, but who in Crowds buy more and more often from your business.