Increase Customer Loyalty Enjoy Repeat Business
Rippr is your business tool that:
Sticks customers to your business
Makes them buy more from you
Converts them to your promoters
Makes their friends your loyal customers
Wins you a large loyal crowd
What is Rippr?
The Crowd Reward Platform that helps you to:
Understand your customers better
Enhance their shopping experience
Connect with them everywhere
Make them buy more and more often
Make their friends buy from you too
Generate more sales
Rippr is a Genuine Give Back Program for my customers. I love when my customers come and redeem their credit because they have earned that buying continuously from us. Rippr understands our business and delivers. Thank you so much Rippr!
Kevin from Dante’s Pizzeria
We love our customers and our customers love Rippr. Rippr makes customers interact to each other and the word of mouth ‘explodes’. We get new customers that follow their friends. This is the best sustainable promotion we ever had for our restaurant.
Leo from Pizza Café Amore
Via Rippr we have doubled our sales in just one quarter. Rippr customers on average spend four times more than non Rippr customers. Rippr makes our customers visit us more often and makes new customers loyal to us. Rippr has added great value to our bottom line.
Daniel from G.I Fresh
If This is Your Problem
This is Rippr Solution
Why Choose Rippr
Sell to Loyal Crowds continously
Rippr crowd members continuously invite more customers to buy from you because the bigger the crowd, the bigger the rewards for everyone.
Leverage on social networking
Instead of spending on promotion, advertising and up front discounts, you reward your customers and via Rippr you leverage on your happy crowd to spread the word about you and refer you to all their social networks.
No messy cards and coupons to manage
No one wants a wallet full of cards. Today Cards are uncool. Everything involving paper is uncool. Rippr is card less and manages everything for you allowing you to do what you do best.
Integrate Rippr in no time
Rippr is web based (cloud) and you can run it on every device that has internet connection.
Make your campaign go viral
Customers want more value for their money and that value grows with the crowd. More people buy, more credits everyone gets. This is viral.
Get ready to oversell
Happy customers buy more. The bigger the crowd, the happier everyone, more sales for the business.